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RESERVATIONS for 6 or less

Reservations can be made up to 4 weeks in Advance.

RESERVATIONS for 7 or more

For parties 7 or more, please call (312) 929-2706 after 11am.
Credit Card Required for all groups of 15 or more.


Our Coffee, Toasts, Pastries are available all day, starting at 7am M-F.
Full Lunch and Dinner menu available at 11am M-F.
(Prior to 11am Please order at the counter)


Little Toasted is conveniently located at 300 S Riverside Plaza, directly across the street from Union Station.  We are 1 block east of the Union Station Bus Transit Station. Our patio is accessible off of both Jackson and Van Buren. We are 2 blocks from the Clinton Blue Line stop.

Phone: 312-929-2706

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Admit it, we all need a good pick me up on the morning. We want to make that easier.
That is why we came up with our Coffee Membership, 3 plans, Unlimited Coffee, Unlimited Caffeine
Click here and sign up on SlightlyToasted.com. You will get access to unlimited coffee at both locations

The slightly toasted coffee membership

3 plans, unlimited coffee per month, across all locations.
Get your caffeine on.

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